Connectionistische Modellen in de Psychologie

Connectionist models in Psychology

A Lectures
    Jaap Murre

The official Psychology studiegids includes the full (correct) information but the version published online at mistakenly omits the official literature for this course:

Bechtel, W., & Abrahamsen, A. (2001). Connectionism and the mind; Parallel processing, dynamics, and evolution in networks (2nd ed.). Oxford, UK: Blackwell. ISBN 9780631207139. (356 pagina’s). Kosten: circa € 38,-.

It is necessary to buy this book as part of the exam will be based on this course text.
You don't have to study Chapter 6, with the exception of 6.4, which has also been discussed in the lecture.
-- Jaap

B Practicum
    Jaap Murre (

University of AmsterdamUniversity of Amsterdam
Department of Psychology
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