Connectionistische Modellen in de Psychologie

Connectionist models in Psychology

Year 2013-2014

Lectures on Thursday, 11:00-13:00, in Building REC-JK, Room B.26

A Lectures

Lectures with links to Powerpoint presentations

  • On 14 November: Activations, Attractors, and Associators
  • During a previous connectionism course one of the students, Jurriaan Schreuder, made a fun Sudoku Solver as a type of extension of the 8-Queens Problem. It is a Hopfield Network to which some noise is added in order to esape from local minima. Usually it finds the solution, not withstanding how difficult the Sudoku is deemed to be (for humans). See for example here for some examples of difficult puzzles. Click the corresponding artificial neurons in the network to 'clamp' the numbers that have been given in the puzzle (they will then turn red).

  • 5 December:Programming Lecture 2 (only for students who do the lab part)
  • On 12 December: Modular Neural Networks: SOM, ART, and CALM
  • Self-Organizing Map Color Demo in JavaScript (use Google Chrome for best performance). You can set a temporary lesion by left-clicking on a cell (becomes black at first but recovers) and a permanent one with right-click (stays white; make temporary again by left-clicking). It is interesting to see how a converged map is able to repair a smallish lesion (black spot). A large lesion usually leads to a local reorganization of the map with the massive repair necessary. Use 'white lesions' to see what happens if you isolate areas of the map. It is also possible to turn off one of the color channels. E.g., turning of blue will lead to only red-green based colors to be presented. This is essentially a two-dimensional stimulus and the map should be able to reach an optimal layout, which is not possible with a three-dimensional color stream.

    Jurriaan Schreuder has also written a Color SOM Demo in ActionScript

  • 19 December:No lecture
  • 23 January:No lecture
  • The Resit (second chance) at 11 July 2014 will be from 11:00 to 13:00 REC M 3.01 .
B Practicum

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